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Leasing Equipment for Schools

The cost of purchasing equipment, especially if you want to equip multiple  classrooms, can exceed the amount of available grants and may prove prohibitive in some cases.
So what can you do to provide the necessary IT equipment for your school?
Now you can lease it through Liosdoire Computers.
Leasing allows you the full use of the equipment over a fixed term without the problems of ownership. At the end of the lease period you can either update your equipment and enter into a new lease agreement, buy the equipment at a very low cost, or return the equipment if you no longer want it.

Liosdoire Computers Leasing in partnership with GRENKE
GRENKE are the leading leasing providers in Ireland. GRENKE is a market leader in the small-ticket IT market. GRENKE have provided leasing for schools across Europe.


Purchasing outright ties up much needed capital that could be used elsewhere.

Leasing allows you to maximise your funds and upgrade your business requirements.

·       Fast turnaround time – 20-minute credit decisions

·       100% finance on assets – no upfront payment required

·       Payment within 24 hours

·       Local teams – offices and sales team throughout Ireland giving you, personal support

·       Independence – bank- and vendor-independent – your business, your choice

·       Maximum flexibility – free up much needed cash to retain your liquidity for further investments

·       Simple, fast processesGrenke asset

·       eSignature – secure, fast and convenient

·       Customer online portal – secure and personal for your convenience

Grenke lease everything from IT equipment, office furniture, security systems to drones and much, much more.  Our selection of product offerings provide for flexible, transparent, scalable and easy to use solutions.

If you are interested in discussing leasing please contact us at:

Tel: 087 9183114
Email: liosdoirecomputers@outlook.com